Serving with purpose.

LG Consulting, LLC (LGC) is a boutique consulting firm that creates an authentic and inclusive experience to uniquely assist our clients in addressing their needs. We help individuals and organizations make progress on issues that are important to them using diverse tools and streamlined processes.


What We Do

LG Consulting, LLC provides authentic stakeholder engagement and facilitation services that are inclusive with a design to reach diverse stakeholder voices. Our services are provided by experienced facilitators who serve as neutral voices in leading tough discussions and gathering feedback.

We provide innovative and sustainable solutions to move culture, inclusion, equity and diversity forward. We focus our work on strategy development, training and education, creating safe and authentic learning spaces and improving team dynamics. We use diverse tools to meet our customers where they are in their inclusion, equity and diversity journey. We also facilitate confidential Myers Briggs assessments.

We provide custom strategic planning processes that help organizations articulate their mission and how to achieve it. We meet clients where they are, ensuring that we design an inclusive process that allows everyone’s voice to be heard and have impact. This service includes stakeholder engagement, goal development, strategy creation, best practice research, process/ program evaluation and performance measurements.

LaShonda is an authentic, passionate keynote speaker and facilitator. She covers a variety of topics including diversity and inclusion, inclusive leadership, empowerment, motivation and more. She is engaging, compelling and intentional in her efforts to engage participants. LaShonda is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®) and Myers-Briggs Certified Practitioner.

Our customers can expect excellent services that are distinctively customized and streamlined to ensure the most effective and efficient processes, timeline, and product delivery.

Our Clients


“In the area of engagement and diversity, LaShonda Garnes presents with an authenticity and genuine understanding to help the audience learn and grow alongside each other. Despite potential areas of discomfort, LaShonda engages audiences where they are, to see a point from which growth can occur.  Her sessions are engaging, thoughtful and provide actionable items participants can use to foster growth within their organizations and selves.”

Morgan Barnes, Program Manager, Public Policy and Management Center 


“LaShonda is a dedicated, detail-oriented professional. Adding her to our diversity, equity and inclusion strategy team has been invaluable. Her expertise in creating sound market research questions, facilitating focus groups that generated deeper responses from participants and providing insightful analysis from those focus groups allowed our team to make deeper discoveries and insights for our client, which has proven useful as the client has implemented a number of our project recommendations.”

Christina Long, CEO, CML Collective


“If you’re in need of a quality oriented, result driven, professional and experienced consultant for your business or ministry, LaShonda Garnes is your person. Whatever your needs are, from organizational to financial, she can help you achieve the goals that you’re working for.”

Roderick Houston, Lead Pastor,
Mt. Olive Tabernacle of Praise Church

Awards & Certifications

  • Kansas Nonprofit Chamber Inspire Award: Excellence in Nonprofit Governance Award | 2022
  • Wichita Business Journal Women Who Lead: Board of Directors Honoree | 2022
  • Wichita Business Journal Diversity & Inclusion Honoree | 2021
  • Wichita Business Journal Women Who Lead: DEI Honoree | 2021
  • American Society for Public Administration Public Servant of the Year Award Recipient | 2019

About LG Consulting, LLC

We value being consultants of high integrity and commitment to empowering others and SHARE in the process of helping our clients meet their needs in the most effective way, through providing: 

  • Service to our customers with excellence.
  • Honest and authentic engagement.
  • Accountability to our customers, partners, and community.
  • Respect, reliable, and transparent services.
  • Efficiency in all that we do.

About LaShonda Garnes

Owner & Principal Consultant

LG Consulting’s owner, LaShonda Garnes brings more than 20 years of experience to the organization. Her background in the private and public sector has shaped her experiences, leadership, and capacity to assist organizations with project management, strategic planning, and stakeholder engagement. She brings forward a passion to effectuate change and impact the capacity of both the individual and organizations she assists. 

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